Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Active Game Collection Team Tourney 02/11/12

1st: Team B.R.C - 3 Lavaval Chain Ultra

Baha (Verz Ragia), Calvin (Bubbleman Beat), Jeff (Hero Beat)

2nd: Team Aequus - 3 Pot of Duality Gold
Dominic (Karakuri), Shaun Lin (TG Agents), Shaun Lim (Infernity)

3rd: Team Pulp - 3 Fiendish Chain Super
XM (TG Agent), Ball (Inzector), Plant (Larval)

4th: Team Cai Niao - 3 Windup Zenmaighty Super
Wen Kang (Agent Angel), Jie Lun (Cosmos Ragia), Javier (Bubbleman Beat)

Lower Bracket Finals Video (Player 1's Perspective)

*More video to come... Stay Tunes*

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