Monday, 12 September 2011

Singapore Showdown Grand Event 2011 Summary

Singapore Showdown is a series of weekly tournaments held to allow participants a chance to be awarded a sponsored trip to Taiwan, to participate in the singles event of this year's Asia Championship Plus.

A total of 8 tournaments were held to allow participants to receive invitation to the Finals held on 10th to 11th September 2011. Winners of each tournament were granted direct entry to day 2, while 1st to 3rd runner-up were invited to day 1 of the finals.

Day 1, 10th September 2011
Breakdown of Decks used for Day 1 of Singapore Showdown Event
 With a total of 24 participants, T.G. Agent proved to be the most popular choice of deck with 7 players piloting it. The next popular choice is Twilight Lightsworn, with 4 players running it.
Breakdown of Decks finishing in Top 8 after 5 rounds Swiss (Day 1)
After 5 rounds of Swiss, the players finishing top 8 (in order of ranking) were:
  1. Danial Ang (Grave Blackwings)
  2. William (T.G. Agent)
  3. Bryan Chua (Fairy Agent)
  4. Kian Leng (T.G. Agent)
  5. Samuel (Twilight Lightsworn)
  6. Jia Rui (Whirlwind Blackwings)
  7. Jackie Lim (Hero Beat)
  8. Jeremy Chua (Fairy Agent)
Out of the 8 players, 2 (25%) were playing T.G. Agent and the same number were playing Fairy Agent. To have 4 out of 8 (50%) of decks advancing to day 2 to be variants of Agent reflects the dominance of the arch type for the time-being.
Percentage of each Arch Type advancing to Day 2 via Swiss Rounds
 Day 2, 11th September 2011
Participants from Day 2 will include Top 8 finishers from Day 1 plus the winners of each qualifying event. In view of fairness, Top 8 finishers from Day 1 are allowed to make changes to their deck. All participants submit their decklist for Day 2.
Breakdown of Decks used for Day 2 of Singapore Showdown Event
Single Elimination Table, Day 2 Singapore Showdown 2011

Despite being badly affected by the new F&R list in September 2011, Junk Debris continues to enjoy top spots in this tournament. Could this spell another round of weakening in the next F&R list? Only time will tell.


Update: Dueling Days has updates with Top 4 Decklist (Click here)

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