Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Singapore Metagame Update, week after 09/01

As with every new Forbidden & Restriction list, players all over the world will scramble to explore decks which they believe to be tournament-worthy. This is also the case in Singapore.

Between 28th August and 4th September 2012,6 tournaments with updated records of winners and participants were held using the new September 2011 F&R list. Total participants varies between 9 and 48, with an average of 21.16 participants per event.

Breakdown of Top-4 Decks (Singapore), 08/28 - 09/04
Based on records, it appears that Fairy are having a good lead into the metagame, taking 34% of the overall Top-4 positions in the period. Notable mentions would be Hero Beat, which continues to manifest itself in the metagame despite the releasing of Heavy Storm into the legal card pool.

This coming weekend, Singapore will have the first of its "Major" event in Singapore Showdown Finals, a 2-day event held for 32 invited participants who earned the invitation in 8 qualifiers. It would be the first of the many indication of how the metagame in Singapore would evolve as with the new list, as the honour of representing the country to Singles Event of Asian Championship Plus, held in Chinese Taipei, is on the line.

I have the honour of being one of the invited participants, hence my coverage might not be as thorough as I would like it to be. Nonetheless, I will try my best to showcase what is happening in this small island-state to the rest of the online community.

I hope you enjoy this read. =D

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