Wednesday, 27 July 2011

What do you want to ask the reigning World Champion?

World Championship 2011 is less than a month away from now. As the greatest glory that can be achieve by a player, it is most defining event every year.

At this point in time, all representatives for the grand event has already been chosen by the various WCQ held all over the world. 25 Challengers, along with the reigning World Champion, Galileo De Obaldia, will be competing for the Holy Grail of World Champion 2011 in Amsterdam.

World Champion 2010, Galileo De Obaldia, along with World Champion 2009, Benjamin Tan Hong Hwee

Here at Duelist Column, there will be a chance for our readers to ask a question to our reigning World Champion, Galilleo De Obaldia, which will be featured in an interview to be held sometime this week. Simply post your question(s) as a comment under this post, or send it to

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